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Our strength lies in our expertise and experience in Titanium and Nickel Alloys. We have established welding procedures for Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Cupronickel and Superduplex materials. We are certified not only for ASME U Stamp, our weld procedures and craftsmen are certified for DIN 2303 military spec welding.

Our production facilities are capable and versatile to handle all kinds of requirements, whether its a small 200mm dia heat exchanger for aerospace, or of an imposing 3 meter dia.

With a total spread of 165,000 sq. feet, we have 3 specialised production centres adjacent to each other : One for Forging & forming, another for CNC/NC machining and drilling, and a third unit for cutting, welding, assembly and testing.

We have all production and testing facilities in-house, including a clean room for welding reactive metals such as titanium, Heat treatment furnaces etc.

Our Quality team has ASNT III inspectors qualified for NDT, in-situ metallography, micro-structure analysis and we routinely perform Helium leak tests and Hydrotests.

Moreover, our supply chain can source material on very short lead times through long standing relationships with reliable suppliers of high quality material, both domestic as well as imported. This gears us for a quick turnaround and even emergency responses for our customers.

We are conveniently located in a port city, and have close access to other ports on both east and west coasts of India. Our design engineers are experts on HTRI , PV-Elite and Autocad, and they would be happy to work with you to help determine the best option for various applications.

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Some of our customers are



Brine Pre heater Floating header box
Air Cooled heat Exchanger
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Air Cooled heat Exchanger Air Cooled heat Exchanger Brine Pre heater
Air Cooled heat Exchanger Air Cooled heat Exchanger Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Brine Pre heater Deaerator Deaerator
Deaerator Deaerator Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger


Material Capabilities

§ Titanium
§ Nickel alloys (Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy etc.)
§ Cupronickel
§ Duplex & Super duplex (UNS 31803, UNS 32750, UNS 32760, 254 SMO)
§ Clad materials
§ Carbon Steel including LTCS
§ Fins of Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
§ G-Type embedded fins, L/LL type fins, Extruded Fins, Welded Fins

Design and Testing :

§ Thermal Design
§ Mechanical Design
§ Vibration Analysis
§ Noise level control

Design Software:

§ Mechanical design of Static Equipments
§ PV-Elite Package for Mechanical design
§ AUTO CAD/Inventor package for drawing preparation

Fabrication & Machining

§ CNC Pipe bending Machine
§ NC Pipe bending Machine
§ CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
§ Pipe Beveling Machine
§ Drilling Machines
§ Band saw cutting Machines up to dia 1000 mm
§ 30 nos. of Welding Machines (Up to 400 Amps)
§ Data Stamping (Dot Punching) Machine
§ Plasma cutting Machine
§ Waterjet cutting Machine
§ Weld Consumable Holding & Baking Ovens
§ Induction heating system

Quality Testing Facilities

§ Chemical (Spectrometer and X ray)
§ Mechanical
§ Microstructure Analysis
§ Type Tests (Pressure, Burst, Cyclic)
§ Qualified personnel for NDT Level 3
§ In-house NDT with UT and MPT
§ Helium leak
§ In-situ metallographic kit

Codes and Standards :

§ ASME sec VIII,
§ API 660, API 661, TEMA,
§ ANSI, API, BS, EN, PD 5500, IBR & DIN
§ Welding procedures & codes - ASME Sec.IX

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